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There are many reasons why working out is much more difficult in the summer than any other time of year. Between the heat, humidity, and lighter schedules, it can be challenging to keep up with a fitness routine. The good news is that there are also many summer workout tips that can keep you on track. Not only will you look and feel better, but summertime workouts can help you stay cooler, improve your tan, and get ready for swimsuit season.

Top summer workout tips

If you’re struggling to find ways to stay motivated this summer, here are five summer workout tips to help bring your workout motivation back up again.

Workout in summer

Commit to a routine

It’s easy to let the summer weather affect your workout habits. After all, the sun, heat, and humidity can make it feel much less inviting to work out outdoors. However, it is important to stay committed to your workout routine, no matter the season. A famous research by Robert Wanat in National Productivity Review shows increased productivity can lead to lesser turnaround - and the same stands true for summer workouts.

If you’re used to exercising indoors, try to find ways to make your workouts more comfortable. A treadmill can provide a consistent level of temperature and humidity, no matter how extreme the weather is outside.

If you prefer working out outdoors, try to adjust your schedule to avoid the hottest and most humid times of the day. If possible, exercising in the morning or evening can help, as temperatures are lower at those times.

Workout tips

Set small, reachable goals

Another way to stay motivated during the summer is by setting small, reachable fitness goals. This can help you stay on track, even if you’re experiencing hotter temperatures than normal. For example, you could set a goal to walk outside for 30 minutes every day. This can help you fit exercise into your schedule, even when it’s too hot for an intense workout.

You could also set a goal to complete a 30-day fitness challenge. This way, you have a specific time frame to focus on, and you can go for weekly prizes for extra motivation. You can also set long-term fitness goals.

It is also important to remember to cool down after exhaustive summer workout because the body gets easily dehydrated. A research by Cristina N. Getto published in Athletic Training and Sports Health Care show that immersion in water can be an effective way to cool down after exhaustive summer workout.

Whether you want to shed a certain amount of weight or get to a certain fitness level, keeping your sights set on the future can help you stay motivated. William Michael Barres also explains the importance of setting goals in his dissertation 'The Workout Process: Considerations and Strategies'

Reward yourself

Another way to stay motivated during the summer months is by rewarding yourself. Post workout nutrition is equally important. Whether it’s finishing a workout, reaching a specific fitness milestone, or completing your exercise program, you should treat yourself to something you really enjoy and look forward to.

For example, you could treat yourself to an iced coffee on your way home from the gym, or you could wear your favorite pair of yoga pants while you work out. Buy yourself a new workout dress as a reward. Also, you could also try setting up a rewards system with a friend.

This way, you’ll have an extra source of motivation and someone to help you stay accountable. This can be helpful if you have a hard time staying motivated to work out on your own.

Summer workout tips

Hit the weights room

While cardio is great for your overall health and fitness, it also tends to be less efficient during the summer months. This is because cardio tends to increase your body’s core temperature, whereas strength training can help cool you down. On the other hand, 

If you’re worried about losing your gains from the winter season, or you’ve been missing out on strength training all summer, don’t fret. Strength training can help you stay fit and toned all year long.

Another summer workout tip to stay cool while lifting weights is to try working out in the evening or at a gym that has air conditioning. You could also try alternating between cardio workouts and strength training sessions. This can help keep your core temperature lower, while still giving you a full workout.

Create a guideline for yourself

Another way to stay motivated during the summer is by creating a guideline for yourself. For example, you could try scheduling workouts at the same time every day, or you could commit to a set number of workouts per week.

This approach will help keep you consistent, while also helping you avoid any excuses you might make for yourself during the warmer months. You could also try working out in different types of weather.

For example, if you typically work out indoors, you could try exercising outside for one day. If you typically exercise early in the day, you could try exercising later in the evening.

Summing it up

You might not think that the summer months are the best time to work out, but they can actually be a great time to get active. Not only is it usually warmer outside (which can help you stay cool), but you also have more time on your hands.

One of the biggest benefits of exercising during the summer is that you have more time to fit in workouts. This means that you have more time to hit up your favorite fitness classes or gym sessions. You can also take advantage of the warmer weather to workout outdoors. This can help you avoid overheating and make your workouts more enjoyable.

With these summer workout tips, you can bring your workout motivation back up again. From making small adjustments to your workout routine to setting specific goals for yourself, there are many ways you can stay motivated during the summer months.

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About the Author

Qurat Shahzad

Qurat-ul-Ain is a dedicated writer who likes to write anything and everything.