Windproof Solar Campfire Starter For Emergency Outdoor Usage

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This Windproof Solar Campfire Starter is a must have for your outdoor tool kit. Much like the knife, it needs no refilling, doesn't run out of spark for as long as there's sunlight and is incredibly portable.

It uses one of the most common and basic technologies, straight out of your junior high school text book. Converting sunlight into heat and then fire with the uses of a Concave Lens.

If you're a savvy outdoor enthusiast, then you know your Outdoor/Survival Kit shouldn't be without this Lighter.

Waterproof & Windproof
Safe for Air travel.
Reflective, so can be used as mirror.
No fuel or extra parts needed.
Extremely Compact & Portable
Specifications Weight: 65g
Diameter: 9.7cm
Thickness: 3mm

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