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When it comes to eating a healthy diet and losing weight, most people think that fruit in breakfast is the enemy. After all, isn’t fructose (sugar) in general something that should be avoided if we want to lose weight? Not necessarily. In fact, fruits are some of the healthiest foods on the planet and can help you lose weight - as long as you eat them in the right way.

Eating lots of fresh fruits in breakfast as part of a healthy diet will not only keep you feeling fuller for longer but also improve your digestion, detoxify your body and boost your immune system – all of which are excellent ways to aid weight loss. Eating plenty of fruits can also help to reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks later in the day.

What is a serving size of fruit?

A serving of fresh fruit is around 80 grams (equivalent to half a small apple, 1/2 cup of grapes or 1/2 cup of blueberries). This is a great serving size to aim for and will keep your daily calorie intake low. One thing to note is that the serving size of fruit will vary depending on the type of fruit you’re eating. Tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango, have a higher sugar content than other types of fruit and will have a smaller serving size as a result. You’ll want to keep an eye on portion sizes when you’re adding more fruit to your diet to make sure you’re not going over your daily calorie limit. Keep in mind, though, that eating the right amount of calories can vary from person to person. If you’re unsure what the best number is for you, the best thing to do is to speak to your doctor.

Fruits in breakfast

Why Should You Eat Fruit for Weight Loss?

Fruit is an excellent source of fiber - a nutrient that has many health benefits including helping to prevent constipation and aiding weight loss by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. In fact, eating enough fiber can help you lose up to 5 pounds more per year than those who don’t!

Research published in American Association for Cancer Research journal shows that fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy body and mind, including vitamins A, C and E, calcium and iron. These healthy nutrients can help support a healthy metabolism, blood circulation, digestive system and brain function - all of which can help you to lose weight.

Fruits in healthy diet

In addition, eating fruits as part of a healthy diet will help you to avoid unhealthy cravings and overeating in general - a major factor in weight gain for many people.

Vincent et. al's research about nutritional quality of fruits show that they are low in calories and high in fiber which makes them an excellent choice for weight loss. If you’re not sure how many calories are in the fruit you’re eating, you can find the information on the nutrition label.

Which Fruits Can Help with Weight Loss?

When exploring breakfast ideas for weight loss, there are many different types of fruits that you can choose. The best option is to eat a variety of different fruits each week to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.


Apples are rich in fiber and antioxidants and have a low amount of sugar. They are also one of the few fruits that will fill you up without breaking the bank on calories. Apples are an excellent choice for weight loss.


Berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and are low in calories - making them a great choice for weight loss. Blueberries are especially beneficial because they are high in fiber and antioxidants and will help to keep your digestive system healthy.

Berries and grapes


Grapes are another excellent choice for those looking to lose weight thanks to their high levels of antioxidants. Although grapes do have a high level of sugar they are also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and make an excellent snack for weight loss.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and make a great snack for weight loss thanks to their low level of calories. You can also use oranges to make other healthy snacks like salads or smoothies.

How to Eat Fruit to Lose Weight?

If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your fruit and are following a healthy diet, the best thing to do is to eat it with a certain technique.

Combine fruits with other healthy foods

It is always a good idea to mix your fruits with vegetables to make a healthy snack. Alternatively, you can make a fruit salad to make eating fruits super easy. Delicious oatmeal breakfast ideas can always be your go-to option.

Avoid eating too many dried fruits

While dried fruits are healthy and will make a great snack, they are often high in sugar. Make sure that you’re reading the nutrition labels on dried fruits to avoid eating too much sugar.

Avoid snacking on too many fruits

While fruits are healthy, eating too many of them can make it harder to lose weight. The best thing to do is to eat a small amount of fruits every now and then as a snack - not as a meal. Why not try delicious breakfast egg recipes for a change?

Stay hydrated

When you’re eating a healthy diet and following a weight loss program, it can be easy to get dehydrated. Fruits are high in water content which makes them great for staying hydrated during your diet. Just in case, choose your water bottle and take it with you everywhere you go!

Breakfast Ideas That Are Full of Fruits

Pineapple and Kiwi Smoothie

This smoothie is a delicious and healthy way to start the day and is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber that will keep you fuller for longer.

Fruit smoothie breakfast

Mango and Avocado Toast

This is a great alternative to a traditional breakfast and has plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your metabolism high.

Blueberry Kefir

Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is packed with probiotics and makes a great alternative to a traditional breakfast. Blueberries are high in fiber and antioxidants making them a healthy choice for weight loss. Cranberry and

Almond Granola

Granola is a great way to start the day that is packed with fiber and vitamins. Cranberries and almonds are also super healthy and make a great addition to this granola.


Fruits are a great way to kick start a weight loss diet thanks to their high fiber content and low levels of calories. When eaten with other healthy foods, they can also make a great and healthy breakfast.

Breakfast fruit dish

Make sure that you’re not overdoing it with the amount of fruits you’re eating, and you’ll be well on your way to losing weight.

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Qurat Shahzad

Qurat-ul-Ain is a dedicated writer who likes to write anything and everything.